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The ultimate toolkit to leverage smart contract wallets & build custom transaction journeys

Deliver seamless onboarding and effortless UX as you scale user adoption and retention

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Go from complex, multi-step interactions to one-click experiences

Easily batch multiple transactions, turning complicated user journeys on your dApp into a few clicks. 

Simplify every stage of your user journey

Easy onboarding

Leverage smart accounts to onboard anyone to your dApp in seconds. Offer easy-to-use social logins & fiat on-ramps. Works seamlessly for mainstream and native web3 users.

Simplify Transactions

Leverage paymasters to offer gasless transactions, accept gas in any ERC20 tokens, and eliminate failed transactions. All you need is a simple user signature.

Remove Friction

Leverage account abstraction to handle web3 actions on behalf of your users in a non-custodial way. Build custom authorisation & session logic to reduce the constant need for user signature.

Become Chainless

Leverage cross-chain calls to abstract everything to do with cross-chain. Users don’t need to know what chain dApp is on. They can simply use your dApp from any chain in a single click

Design user journeys easily with plug & play modules

Utilize our full Web3 UX stack with an extensive and expanding catalog of modules. Plug, stack & customize these modules like legos. So you can effortlessly build products your users will love.

"Gasless provided a way for users to sign on mainnet during the onboarding flow. Once wearables made it to polygon, it was an opportunity to improve the UX."

Ignacio Mazzara


"Biconomy has enabled dYdX to access more users by decreasing the friction of needing gas to onboard to the platform."

Corey Miller

Product Manager, dYdX

"Biconomy provides the underlying technology that enable users to transact seamlessly on the blockchain using only SAND tokens, which allows us to focus on building the open and inclusive metaverse we want for everyone."


Founder, The Sandbox

Backed by some of leading investors in Web3

Integrate the SDK in 5 minutes

  • Reduce your development time
  • Achieve faster GTM with seamless UX
  • Accelerate your roadmap

How does the magic happen?

We provide a full stack transaction solution to build and execute customised transactions for any Web3 use case.

Abstract complex interactions using Smart Accounts.
Build the perfect transaction journey with SDK modules.
Execute all these interactions with our robust relayer network.
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