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Frens you are looking at the first ever GASLESS “meta-transaction” used in @aavegotchi contract powered by @biconomy


Want to deposit your DAI or USDC into @idlefinance but you don't have ETH? Now you can thanks to the new feature by @biconomy


Special thanks to @biconomy for helping us speed up our development process 🙌


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I have been using so much of your code lately! The Execute Meta Transaction stuff is really epic!

Andre Cronje

Defi Architect

At Zed Run, superior UX is a key focus. Thanks to Biconomy, gamers can enjoy Zed Run without having to handle or think about blockchain complexities.

Geoff Wellman

CTO & Co-founder, Zed Run

Instant cross chain protocol
Gasless transactions for intuitive UX

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