Authorisation Network

The Programmable delegation layer designed for AI agents to securely manage activity



Abstract multiple transactions from the user. Entrust tasks to third-party entities like AI agents and bots.

The potential is vast, from assigning simpler tasks to keeper bots to empowering AI agents to execute complex DeFi strategies.


DAN ensures that  the crypto agents operate under the guidance and constraints of user-defined rules and permissions.

It selectively authorises only permissible actions on behalf of users without sacrificing self-custody.

Secured by AVS

DAN decentralises the cryptographically secure storage of users’ keys & permissions, mitigating any risk of compromise.

The network is secured by leveraging Ethereum’s economic security via EigenLayer AVS node operators.

How does it work?

Ai powered web3

Picture the future of web3 UX:


Users simply express their intentions and grant scoped permissions to dApps.


AI and autonomous agents analyse these intents, identifying the optimal on-chain actions.


Subsequently, the dApp utilises DAN to securely execute these transactions on behalf of the user.

The AI auth Layer

Superfast Signature Generation

DAN achieves distributed signature generation within tens of milliseconds, thanks to the world's first OT based DKLs23 MPC-TSS implementation by Silence Labs.

Off-chain Permissions Management

DAN facilitates off-chain permissions management, enabling highly flexible permission settings while eliminating gas costs.

The Era of AI powered web3

Picture the future of on-chain UX:

Users expresses intentions and permissions

AI calculates the optimal on-chain actions

DAN allows AI agents to sign these transactions