Manage Gas with Paymasters

Abstract gas complexities with flexible payment options to increase user acquisition and retention.

Highly Customisable Gas Policies

Single setup, multiple gas options

Developers can easily offer a variety of gas abstraction options on their dApp with just a single Paymaster setup and integration.

Easy to set-up gas sponsorship conditions

By configuring policies on the Biconomy dashboard, dApps can create different conditions such as ‘holds Pioneer NFT’ or ‘first 20 transactions’ to decide how & when to abstract gas complexities.

Why Biconomy Paymaster as a service?

Gas Efficient

Our paymasters are one of the most gas efficient in the market. This saves you, or your users, the amount spent on gas fees.


Our Paymasters follow ERC4337 standards, so work seamlessly with any smart contract wallet or bundler implementation.

Managed Liquidity

We manage on-chain liquidity for you, whether it be native tokens for sponsoring gas or custom tokens for token paymaster.

Support any ERC20 token

You can offer gas payment options in all major stablecoins, WETH & WBTC. Moreover, it’s super easy to add support for any token of your choice. 

Available on all EVMS

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Utilise the full Biconomy stack

Session Keys Module

Social Login Module

Batched txns Module

Passkey Module

Vast range of modules ...

Modular Smart Accounts

Paymasters as a service

Bundlers as a service

Modular Smart Accounts

Deploy ERC4337 compliant smart contract wallets with support for plug-in modules

Paymasters as a service

Abstract gas complexities by sponsoring gas or allowing gas payment in any token

Bundlers as a service

Execute ERC4337 transactions at scale with high gas efficiency