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Biconomy and Rhinestone to launch the first module store for AA

May 25, 2024
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Biconomy and Rhinestone to launch the first module store for AA

Transforming wallets into an open platform for developers and creating a plug-n-play wallet experience for dapps

Account abstraction completely transforms Web3 UX – enabling the removal of seed phrases, gasless transactions, and enhanced security. Modular account abstraction opens up the programmable nature of smart accounts to any developer and turns the wallet into an extendable platform for Web3 product development.

From Q1 of 2024, all dapps and wallets building on Biconomy’s embedded smart account will be able to access the Module Store, a marketplace of smart account modules that unlock specific dapp experiences and transform web3 UX. These modules are built by any developer and secured by a trusted network of auditors, creating a seamless plug-and-play system for dapp developers.

The Module Store will be seeded with a set of UX-simplifying modules built by Biconomy at launch — such as modules for session keys, passkeys, batched transactions and more — and eventually, the platform will support any modular smart account implementation, independent of the smart account, along with their dedicated modules.

Interested in launching a Module and Early Access? Join the Waitlist here.

Under the hood

Powering the Module Store is Rhinestone’s unique infrastructure that supports an onchain ecosystem of modules – a middleware layer between module developers and smart accounts. In particular, the Rhinestone Protocol’s objective is to enable extensible, portable, and secure modular smart accounts. Rhinestone will also enable dapps to “self-serve” and build their own custom modules to meet their specific needs via Rhinestone’s ModuleKit, a set of tools that streamline module development and abstract away required knowledge of the surrounding account abstraction infrastructure.

Digital ownership today is tough and overwhelming. Simplifying the user experience often comes at the expense of either user security or self-sovereignty. Smart accounts are the answer. They deliver the UX and security improvements Web3 needs whilst ensuring the user remains the sole custodian. The Module Store opens up this technology to any developer in a way that has never been done before in the wallet space.

Launch partners

We’re incredibly excited to be working with several great players to bring the Module Store to life. Most notably, Silence Laboratories will be a cornerstone partner for session keys. Session keys are the JWTs of Web3 and we believe Silence Laboratories' solution will change the game for dapp UX. We’ll also be partnering with Enso.Finance, who will provide simple DeFi integrations for module devs, and Lit Protocol, with Programmable Key Pairs and Lit Actions support for developers. 

We’re excited by the early adoption by developers looking to leverage the Module Store as a distribution platform. This includes Fetcch with a chain-agnostic pull payments solution, Sukuri Protocol for tokenised subscriptions, Moonchute with a stealth address product, and Blockfence for security-enhancing wallet plug-ins.

We look forward to offering and iterating on this product with some of our closest dapp builders, including CyberConnect, RageTrade, Obvious Wallet, Fan Tiger, CapX, Thales, ZeroOne and many others. 

The final piece of the puzzle is security. We’ll be working with Zelic, Ackee and AfterDark on the underlying contracts and the ongoing solution for module auditing as the marketplace grows.

As dapp developers turn to account abstraction to scale their product and simplify UX, the Module Store will become a leading standard for discovering secure self-contained wallet features. Biconomy and Rhinestone are excited to forge this new path for embedded wallets.

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