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Biconomy Gas Grants on Polygon

May 20, 2022
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Biconomy Gas Grants on Polygon
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As we continue building into Q2, our mission at Biconomy remains the same, to onboard the next billion users to Web3.

To continue our progress, we’re launching Gas Grants on the Polygon network, where we’ll sponsor Gas Fees for dApps on behalf of users.

Apply here:

More details are included below, including how Gas Grants will help scale your dApp!

Seamless User-Experience = Increased Traction

Gasless allows any dApp builder to sponsor gas fees on behalf of their end-users, making dApp experiences frictionless, akin to the current UX in many Web2 applications.

Our Gasless API is built on top of our in-house multi-chain relayer infrastructure, abstracting away the complexities of gas fees and allowing dApp users to interact with your platform without the added costs and unnecessary steps. Doing so will ensure that new users aren’t left frustrated by a complicated UX, resulting in higher retention and adoption rates for your dApp.

Lower Gas Fees for dApps and Users

Thanks to meta-transactions, Gasless eliminates fee payments & transaction management for the end-user and forwards it to our relayers.

Users simply sign the transaction and are spared from the extra steps and fees associated with gas payments. We then charge the gas fee back to the dApp at below average market rates. Think of it as the cost-per-acquisition for your end-users. Year to date, 100% of Biconomy dApps have paid lower gas fees with our API.

Benefits of a gasless experience

We’re proud to already support hundreds of dApp developers as they propel Web3 adoption and we couldn’t be more excited to now offer Gas Grants on the Polygon Network.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much is the gas grant?

Biconomy will sponsor first 10K-15K transactions on Polygon (up to $200 in gas fee) upfront no questions asked!

Next, if you do total 20K transactions within first 60 days of going live, Biconomy will reimburse the gas cost for all additional transactions up to $200. For this we will add equivalent gas credits into your account, which you can use for future Gasless transactions.

What are the benefits of a gas grant?

  • For the end-user — They get gas-free transactions in a smoother user-experience while using your dApp.
  • For dApp builder — Easy UX, seamless onboarding, and faster customer acquisition, all at zero cost.
  • For the ecosystem — frictionless web3 adoption for new users

Who’s eligible for a gas grant?

We want to solve for the masses, therefore this grant is open to anyone who’s building on Polygon and wishes to use Biconomy for improving their UX. (Except existing dApps)

How to apply for a gas grant?

💡 Gas Grant Application form —

What are the next-steps from here?

Once you fill out the application, we’ll reach out to let you know we’ve received your application. We will then help you get started by crediting your gas account before you go-live.

You can also head to our official documentation to understand how can you enable Gasless transactions for you dApp.

Please contact or @rohan2433 (Telegram) for Gas Grant related support.

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