Biconomy x intrXn

November 15, 2022
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Biconomy x intrXn

intrXn has integrated with Gasless to support gasless crypto payments across their platform. The end result is a one-click UX where users can submit payments via crypto for goods and services, without incurring added gas costs. Thanks to our hyper efficient relayers, PaaS companies like intrxn can build simple user-flows while paying below market rates on gas fees.

IntrXn is a new-age payment infrastructure for Gaming, and projects. Thanks to its easy setup, highly competitive exchange rate, and its no-chargebacks payment system, they’re revolutionizing the industry.

intrXn's customers include freelancers, merchants, large and small businesses. To ensure large scale adoption of crypto for payments, it is extremely important that businesses have an uncomplicated experience when receiving and managing payments. There is a good deal of friction, or a need to be savvy with the use of wallets, currencies, etc to transact in crypto. The Gasless infrastructure, combined with an easy-to-use solution from intrXn, removes all the complexity of crypto payments and ensures zero-friction.

intrXn solutions include...


Payment Gateways

Payment Links

Retail POS

Payment Pages


and more!

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