Biconomy's AA Stack Powers Zeroone: Low Fees, and 250,000+ UserOps

May 25, 2024
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Biconomy's AA Stack Powers Zeroone: Low Fees, and 250,000+ UserOps


  • zeroone is a cultural discovery and distribution engine that helps creators take complete ownership of their art and content
  • zeroone integrated Biconomy’s AA stack including paymasters, bundlers, and smart accounts in August of 2023 to support an abstracted user experience for their community
  • since their launch, our bundlers have processed over 250,000 UserOps for over 5,000 new users on behalf of zeroone

zeroone integrated Biconomy’s AA stack including paymasters, bundlers, and smart accounts in August of 2023 to support an abstracted user experience for their community. Doing so, allows them to support gasless transactions via paymasters and a rapid onboarding flow when users create their unique smart account by logging in via email, supported by Particle.

Problem: onboarding time and complexities

Of the challenges that plague Web3 projects, traditional onboarding with an EOA remains one of the biggest hurdles to adoption, especially with creators outside of developer communities. Much akin to old landline phones, the hard-wired nature of EOAs makes them not only limited in terms of customizability from a developer standpoint but also inherently complex to everyday users who may lack the necessary experience to use them safely.

Because of this, the zeroone team wanted to make the onboarding flow as simple as possible by removing hurdles associated with creating and connecting an EOA.

Solution: Biconomy smart accounts

Luckily for the zeroone team, supporting an abstracted login flow was more than possible thanks to ERC-4337 and the integration of Biconomy smart accounts. Smart accounts allow for a customizable experience with programmable modules, which support functionalities such as:

  • Gasless transactions (Sponsored by dApp or 3rd party)
  • Pay gas in any token
  • Social or biometric based wallet creation & login, simplifying the onboarding experience
  • Remove necessity to sign endless pop-ups (session keys)

As previously mentioned, in the case of zeroone they wanted to create a simplified onboarding flow, which they were able to do by utilizing a social login and smart account creation sequence as demonstrated below. The end result, means users can sign-up in a matter of seconds via email, without the need for an EOA.

Problem: transaction fees

Unfortunately, in a traditional user flow the complexities don’t stop after logging into an app. Transaction costs are the second largest hurdle for user adoption both in terms of the associated fees and the steps that come along with paying gas on every transaction. For zeroone, the majority of user transactions occur during the creation and collection of art pieces. Therefore, the frequency of such transactions would make the experience both costly and disruptive for collectors, leading to high churn and much fewer engagements.

Solution: paymasters as a service

To combat the aforementioned transaction challenges, zeroone utilizes Biconomy paymasters to sponsor gas fees for users when they create and collect NFTs. By doing so, users can enjoy the same level of simplicity in the transaction experience, as seen in the onboarding flow.

Problem: transaction volume and efficiency

Due to the anticipation of the launch from the zeroone community, the ability to process a high volume of transactions on the backend was imperative to the long-term success of the platform. While transaction speed and success rates are always important, it becomes even more so during a public launch, as was the case for zeroone, where failed or slow transactions would derail the entire success of the platform.

Solution: bundlers as a service

With our AA infra stack, projects such as zeroone can utilize bundlers as a service, thus allowing them to pass platform UserOps to Biconomy and where bundlers will get them executed on-chain.

By using biconomy bundlers, zeroone could also take advantage of some key benefits:

  • Gas Efficiency: Our bundlers are one of the most gas efficient, thus ensuring successful UserOp with the minimum amount of gas spent.
  • High successful transaction rate: We use multiple strategies such as auto-bumping to ensure the UserOp successfully gets executed.

Over 250,000 UserOps (& growing)

Biconomy's AA stack has allowed zeroone to simplify their onboarding process and reduce transaction fees for their users. By utilizing Biconomy smart accounts, they were able to provide a customizable experience with programmable modules, including gasless transactions and simple onboarding for non-Web3 users. The use of paymasters has also allowed for the sponsorship of gas fees for all users, further simplifying the transaction experience. Finally, Biconomy bundlers have enabled zeroone to efficiently process high volumes of transactions, ensuring successful UserOps with minimal gas spent and a high transaction success rate.

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