Creating a frictionless onboarding experience for Web3's ultimate SDK

June 30, 2023
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Creating a frictionless onboarding experience for Web3's ultimate SDK

Say goodbye to clunky onboarding!

We’ve partnered with Web3Auth to bring social login to our recently launched SDK, which allows users to sign-into their favourite dApps with their Google account, email or social profile, making the onboarding process so easy even your grandma can do it! (seriously).

About Web3Auth

Web3Auth is a pluggable auth infrastructure for Web3 wallets and applications. It streamlines the onboarding of both mainstream and crypto native users in under a minute with support for social logins, web & mobile native platforms, wallets and other key management methods.

How social login works

To date, Key Management is typically enabled via seed phrases, which are 12 or 24 word representations of keys that can be written down or stored (hopefully) in a secure manner.

While the premise is inherently simple, seed phrases come with some obvious flaws, namely;

1. seed phrases complicate the onboarding experience, especially for crypto newbies and everyday users who are unfamiliar with EOA wallets

2. losses are rampant due to misplaced or compromised seed phrases, in fact nearly 20% of all lost Bitcoin to date is due to compromised or lost seed phrases

With Web3Auth, users handle keys similar to a multi-factor account, where they use their OAuth login, devices, and other factors to manage their key pairs. The full cryptographic private keys of users are not recorded anywhere on the Key Infrastructure system, even on any of their databases as well as participating nodes.

Why add social login to our SDK?

Most Web3 dApps require an EOA wallet, which serves as an authentication and login tool. However, since many users are still unfamiliar with EOAs, they remain a blocker for onboarding new users, especially when it comes to dApps. Thus, combining traditional social sign-in and a non-custodial Web3 login is a game-changer!

✅ No seed phrases

✅ Low latency of 1.5s

✅ You own the user-flow

✅ Works across Web, Mobile and Native Apps

Own your login with our non-custodial solution

We worked alongside Web3Auth to ensure that their non-custodial approach remains at the forefront of all integrated processes. As a non-custodial solution, Web3Auth and Biconomy do not store any user data, or keys on our respective servers. This ensures that users are in full control of their data and keys at all times.

A user can login to your dApp either via social login or by connecting his external wallet. In social login they can choose to sign in via Google, Facebook or email. A unique private key is generated for each user via Web3Auth.

Onboard your next thousand users with the SDK

This past November, we successfully launched a powerful and hyper-flexible SDK that lets developers build effortlessly on our non-custodial, multi-chain, and gas efficient relayer infrastructure network while keeping UX simple for end users.

Integration with the SDK takes only minutes, and allows easy plugging, stacking, and customization of APIs and modules that result in many UX benefits including one-click user journeys, transaction bundling, and control over gas fees.

Thanks to our trusted partners, the SDK is quickly becoming the most sought after tool to unlocking adoption for Web3 dApps by creating a frictionless and abstracted user-experience.

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