Fantom Transfers Live on Hyphen

August 9, 2022
min read
Fantom transfers now live on Hyphen including liquidity pools

Lightning Fast Transfers on Fantom

Fantom has been added to Hyphen to now support cross-chain transfers to and from the popular network. With over 200 dApps and thousands of daily active users, Fantom is scaling quickly to support the next phase of Web3 adoption.

Bridging to or from Fantom is incredibly simple thanks to the highly secure Hyphen interface.

Become a Fantom Liquidity Provider


Become a liquidity provider by adding USDC to Fantom on Hyphen and earn APY in addition to transfer fees, all thanks to our hyper efficient dynamic fee model.

Add in-dApp Transfers with the Hyphen Widget

With over 20,000 unique users Hyphen has supported over $150 million in total volume across chains including ethereum, polygon and bnb.

The new addition of Fantom will also allow foundation dApps to add our Hyphen Widget, a game-changer when it comes to UX.

Bonus: adding it to your dApp only takes 3-minutes!

Add it here: