How Biconomy helped ZED RUN get more active players!

May 25, 2024
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How Biconomy helped ZED RUN get more active players!


  • ZED RUN integrated with Biconomy in 2020 to improve the user-experience through Gasless Meta Transactions and Hyphen Cross-Chain Transfers
  • Over 8.5 Million Gasless transactions
  • Over $212,000 in gas savings for ZED Run users
  • 9,000+ cross-chain transfers with Hyphen
  • Over 3,700 unique Hyphen users

The dApp: ZED RUN

ZED RUN is a virtual horse racing platform where users can own, trade, breed and race their unique NFT racehorses for real ETH and rewards. It provides an end-to-end racing experience, through winning and owning valuables that live, breathe and compete in a virtual world.

The Challenge: high fees and slow transfers

In late 2020, ZED feared that their user-experience was being negatively impacted by increased gas fees and slow cross-chain transfers, both of which are core components of their user flow.

Virtual horse racing (and gaming in general) require a lot of transactions in order to enter races, trade and breed horses seamlessly. Thus, subjecting users to high gas fees and dealing with slow transfers was simply not an option for ZED, as a cumbersome UX could negatively impact the platform at scale.

Non-crypto savvy users are particularly frustrated by these friction points within dApp user flows. Thus, in order to scale within the broader audience the transaction complexities had to be abstracted away for ZED, as they do for all dApps if they’re hope to achieve mainstream adoption. Luckily, that’s where we come in.

Solution: Gasless Meta Transactions & Hyphen Cross-Chain Transfers

Gasless Race & Breeding Fees

To solve for high gas fees on behalf of their users, ZED RUN integrated Gasless meta transactions in order to eliminate gas fees for racing, breeding and trading NFT horses. On the back end, they gained the ability to sponsor the gas fees via the gas tank, which enabled new users to onboard quickly while also improving the UX for their most active users as well.

Gasless Race Fees
Gasless Breeding Transactions

Lightning fast transfers with Hyphen

ZED is one of the first platforms to adopt an in-app bridge (Hyphen) to be used in a web3.0 gaming dApp, setting a new standard for the user-experience in web3.0 games.

The best part?

Users don’t need to leave the dApp for a bridge interface and wait 15 minutes for a cross-chain transfer. With Hyphen, they can stay on the ZED homepage & immediately get their funds transferred to Polygon, creating a truly seamless (and painless) experience.

Co-Founder Geoff Wellman on adding Hyphen to ZED RUN…

“Hyphens cross-chain transactions will transform the way users can interact with blockchain games and ZED RUN is thrilled to be one of the first to implement a native cross-chain bridge into a gaming dapp.”

Geoff Wellman, Co-Founder

Hyphen User-Flow

By using Hyphen users can securely move tokens within seconds and get back to racing! Doing so is incredibly simple, as shown below.

1. Ensure fast transfers are enabled in your ZED wallet and click transfers

2. Add the amount you’d like to transfer and submit

3. Confirm the transaction and sign in your wallet

4. Congratulations, you’ve transferred with Hyphen!

Impact: Hyphen Transfers & Gasless Transactions

“At ZED RUN, superior UX is a key focus. Thanks to Biconomy, gamers can enjoy ZED RUN without having to handle or think about blockchain complexities.”

Geoff Wellman, Co-Founder

Gasless Impact

Hyphen Impact


By working with the ZED RUN team we’ve been able to save users time and fees, that otherwise would’ve been spent on high gas and waiting for cross-chain transfers. We hope to continue working with the team for many years to come, as we both continue on our mission to bring the next billion users to Web3.

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