InfraCon@EthCC shapes Web3 agenda at Paris's National Museum

May 25, 2024
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InfraCon@EthCC shapes Web3 agenda at Paris's National Museum

With more than 40 speakers, 15 keynotes, and 4 panels deep-diving into Account Abstraction (ERC-4337), Wallet Infrastructure, and Zero Knowledge, the single-day conference proved a satisfying exploration into frontier web3 technology.

Building on the massive success of InfraCon@ETHSeoul in June, co-hosts Biconomy and Particle Network, along with main sponsor, Transak, took InfraCon to Paris for the largest European builder-based blockchain conference this year.

Impactful discussions around Account Abstraction, Wallet Infra and Zero Knowledge 

At the prestigious National Museum of Natural History, the event attracted 1000+ attendees, including leaders from Consensys, Coinbase, Scroll, The Sandbox, Lens, Ceramic, and more. Web3 enthusiasts from all backgrounds — Founders, PMs, Technical Leads, Developers — piled into the Gallery of Evolution as talks and keynotes continued around Account Abstraction (ERC-4337), Wallet Infrastructure, and Zero Knowledge Technology.

InfraCon Part 1: Compelling conversations around web3 infrastructure, macro outlooks, and trending narratives

The morning half started with insightful discussions around web3 infrastructure, the state of the macro environment, and critical narratives.

We played host to distinguished speakers from prominent web3 teams, including Polyhedra, Xangle, Ocean Protocol, Karma3, Lit Protocol, Orbis, Lens Protocol, Ceramic, Sweat Economy, Sandbox, iZumi, QuestN, Coinbase, Scroll,, Conflux,, and Particle.

Notable presentations included:

-Jesse Pollak of Coinbase: Base: The Path to Mainnet
-Benjamin Coste of Sandbox: Fair Royalties for NFT Creators in a Decentralised World
-Daniel Helm of Scroll: Scaling Ethereum with Rollups and Zero-Knowledge Proofs: An Introduction to Scroll and the zkEVM
-Tiancheng Xie of Polyhedra: Proving Full Node of Ethereum in ZK

Another well-received panel centred on the SocialFi conversation: Balancing         User-Centric Design with Decentralization and Security.

Speakers from Karma3, Lit Protocol, Orbis, Lens Protocol, Ceramic, and Sweat Economy explored the challenges and strategies for achieving the delicate balance between user-centric design, decentralisation, and security in SocialFi.

InfraCon Part 2: Empowering Developers with Technical Workshops

Technical Workshops on Account Abstraction, Wallet Infra, and Zero Knowledge kicked off in the second half of the day. Teams from Linea, zkSync, Taiko, OKX, Polyhedra, Biconomy x Polygon DevRels, Ceramic, Ethereum Foundation, Biconomy, Metamask (Moderator), Safe, Transak, Developer DAO, Candide Wallet, PUSH Protocol deep dived into their respective technologies. 

Notable presentations included:

-Joel Thorstensson of Ceramic: On Reputation on the Data Ledger
-Yeshu Agarwal of Transak: Brining web2 like onboarding experience to web3 apps
-Harsh Rajat of Push Protocol: Pushing the boundaries of Web3 UX

The most lively discussions took place on three distinct panel discussions:

1. Exploring the Boundaries of Zero-Knowledge - with speakers from Linea, zkSync, Taiko, OKX, and Polyhedra

2. Building Beyond Account Abstraction (ERC-4337) - with speakers from Ethereum Foundation, Biconomy, Metamask (Moderator), and Safe

The Account Abstraction panel successfully highlighted the role of wallet security in the DeFi ecosystem. They offered valuable insights into enhancing wallet security, addressing vulnerabilities, and improving user education. The panel also emphasized the potential benefits of adopting Smart Accounts for enhanced security measures. This discussion is crucial in driving the broader adoption of DeFi while ensuring the safety and protection of users' assets and data.

3. Fostering and Supporting Community to Build a Better Future by Biconomy x Developer DAO x Ankr

What the Event Attendees Said:

"I was really excited to see Lens, Karma3, and Ceramic on the same stage, you guys. This was awesome."

“I learned a lot more about Account Abstraction and Zero Knowledge today through the speakers you brought together. Amazing conference!”

“Content and organisation wise — this was the best side event conference at EthCC Paris. You can see each speaker’s thought process, and the auditorium setting was super professional. You’re setting great community standards, guys.”

InfraCon goes to Token2049 (Singapore), Mainnet and EthNYC (New York), DevConnect and EthIstanbul (Turkey)

Looking to build your communities and engage top builders and creators? Biconomy and Particle Network will continue to co-host and produce the sector’s strongest events, and you’re welcome to join our journey.  Reach out to us and get involved!

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