Hyphen: Earn $BICO with NEW Binance Pools

November 15, 2022
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Earn $BICO as a liquidity provider with Hyphen
Hyphen: Earn $BICO with NEW Binance Pools


Start earning $BICO as a BNB Chain liquidity provider: https://hyphen.biconomy.io/pools

After much anticipation, Hyphen liquidity providers can now earn $BICO rewards for adding liquidity to Binance BNB pools. The pools eligible for rewards include WETH, USDC and USDT.

Note: rewards aren’t available on the BNB-BICO pool

Each pool has a cap and once reached, closes to new providers in order to encourage the addition of liquidity across remaining open pools. Get in before they’re full to maximize your $BICO earnings!

Adding liquidity is incredibly simple, start earning rewards in 20 seconds or less!

Adding liquidity with Hyphen

For managing positions please refer to our Liquidity Provider guide


Start earning $BICO as an LP: https://hyphen.biconomy.io/pools

About BNB Chain: https://www.bnbchain.world/en/smartChain

BNB Chain is the combination of Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain. It aims to put the community first by delivering core infrastructure that is aimed at increasing user adoption of decentralized tools.