Hyphen x Bungee

August 3, 2022
min read
Bungee integrates with Hyphen to support cross-chain transfers

Hyphen is now live on Bungee Exchange

With the new integration, users can now enjoy low-cost transfers across 5-different chains including BNB, Ethereum and Polygon. Our latest release of Hyphen 2.0 brings new features including: permissionless liquidity pools, increased chain and token support and best of all, dynamic fees to increase capital efficiency while giving users additional ways to earn fees.

Try it for yourself here: https://www.bungee.exchange/

About Bungee

Bungee at its core, is a bridge aggregator. It can be thought of as 1Inch, or Paraswap for cross-chain swaps. By also integrating DEXs & DEX aggregators, Bungee enables easy & efficient cross-chain swaps for users. Bungee initially began as FundMovr in November with a simple goal to make people fall in love with bridging.

About Hyphen

Hyphen 2.0 marks a crucial milestone in our journey of creating a fully decentralized protocol. Through the use of dynamic fees, public liquidity and eventually our relayer protocol, we can achieve higher interoperability across the multi-chain landscape and fulfill our vision of becoming the most efficient and user-friendly bridge ever made, all while supporting our community along the way.