Introducing Paymaster Rules - Customise gas sponsorship to incentivise the right users & behaviour

April 18, 2024
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Introducing Paymaster Rules - Customise gas sponsorship to incentivise the right users & behaviour

Introducing Paymaster Rules & limits!

Now with Biconomy Paymaster, you can strategically incentivize the right users & behavior by offering gas sponsorship.

Start creating Paymaster Rules from the Biconomy Dashboard.

Turning Gas Sponsorship into Investment

Gas has always been a UX friction for users. One way to tackle this is to make the whole dApp gasless, an approach pioneered by Biconomy. The dApp bears the gas cost of all user activity.

However, we received feedback from potential dApp partners who wanted to be more selective. They wanted to sponsor gas and offer a gasless UX, but also wanted to improve the ROI of bearing this cost.

That’s what led to us building Paymaster Rules & limits!

Now, dApps can create specific paymaster policies to tailor who & when to sponsor gas by defining specific users & on-chain actions to incentivize behavior valuable to their business.

By using gas sponsorship as a user incentive, web3 businesses can leverage Sponsorship Paymaster as an investment to increase customer acquisition (CAC), retention, engagement, and lifetime value (CLV).

Customising Gas Sponsorship Conditions

With the current release, there are many ways to customize the conditions for sponsoring gas.

1. Wallet Deployment

A dApp can choose to sponsor the Smart Account deployment for all its users!

This can really streamline onboarding new users. They can simply create an account for free, even if they don’t own any native gas tokens, and just start interacting with the dApp.

2. Whitelist Smart Contracts

This is a powerful feature that allows dApps to offer gasless transactions on specific smart contracts or actions!

Thus, dApps can invest in sponsoring the gas on only higher value actions, such as whitelisting the staking contract to offer gasless UX when someone stakes your token. But if they want to unstake, don’t sponsor the gas for that!

dApps can select the smart contracts they want to whitelist and then choose specific methods within it. Thus, they can choose very specific actions to sponsor.

This is a great way for web3 businesses to minimize spend on sponsoring gas, and do it on actions that they think will give them a better return on this investment.

3. Spending Limits

Limits is another important feature that ensures dApps are more judicious in how they spend on sponsoring gas. This also helps them create predictable budgets for gas sponsorship. There are 2 types of limits:

Global Limit:

As the name suggests, this creates a global limit for the particular set of rules for all your users. So basically, you can select the maximum amount you want to spend on gas sponsorship for a specific set of rules defined in the paymaster. dApps can create multiple paymasters with different rules & different limits as well!some text

  • Instead of total amount, you can also limit the maximum number of transactions. So a dApp can say they will sponsor a total of 5000 actions only.
  • You can also select the reset interval, by defining how many days & hours this limit will reset back to zero.

User Limit:

This is a useful feature to limit how much gas is sponsored for a particular user. some text

  • Just like global limits, dApps can specify the maximum amount they are willing to sponsor for each user.
  • Or they can also limit the gas spent by specifying the maximum no of gasless transactions that each user can enjoy.
  • This limit will reset after the interval defined by the dApp on the dashboard.

4. Webhooks

The final way to create conditions for sponsorship is with webhooks, which allow dApps to trigger gas sponsorship by checking on-chain as well as off-chain application specific logic. This opens a wide range of possibilities for dApps!

dApps can create webhooks for on-chain triggers such as whether a user holds a particular NFT. Or if the wallet has staked a minimum of X tokens for more than 60 days.

And they can also trigger it via off-chain conditions. Such as linking it to X (formerly Twitter) or Discord - sponsor gas if they are a member of your Discord or follower on X (formerly Twitter).

Paymaster Rules Ideas for web3 games

Here are some ideas how a web3 game can leverage gas sponsorship to incentivise more players & more activity:

  1. Sponsor the initial smart account creation and NFT mint transaction to onboard people more smoothly
  2. If a player reaches a certain level or experience, sponsor their next 5 transactions (even if these levels or experience isn’t on-chain).
  3. You can reward a sponsored transaction if the player follows you on X (formerly Twitter) (or other worthy social media actions)
  4. Sponsor the gas on high-value actions such as players buying new power-ups, collectibles, spells, or potions
  5. Make staking your token gasless, above a minimum amount
  6. Sponsor gas for a specific period of time such as ‘Gasless week’ to encourage higher activity during that time
  7. Offer ‘Gasless token / NFT claim’ as an in-game reward or treasure
  8. In combat games, reward the winner of the combat by making the next transaction gas-free
  9. Create FOMO by enabling gasless combat or special NFT sale for only the first 5000 players that try it
  10. Reward gasless transactions for the top 1000 players as per the leaderboard

Paymaster Rules Ideas for DeFi / perp DEX

Here are some ideas how a DeFi or perp DEX project can leverage Paymasters to incentivise actions valuable to their business:

  1. Sponsor the gas if the total volume of the current trade is more than 1000$
  2. Sponsor the gas at onboarding to create a smart account and create a session for new users
  3. Set a user-level limit & sponsor gas up to 2$ per user. They can use it for any activity. And the gas credit can be reset every month.
  4. Sponsor the next action if the user shares their last trade activity on X (formerly Twitter)
  5. If the user holds your loyalty NFT or is an early user, reward them by sponsoring their gas
  6. If the total lifetime volume of the user is more than 20,000$, sponsor all their actions
  7. Reward all users with 5 gasless actions per month across the dApp
  8. Offer gasless swaps on all top 10 trending tokens to capture some of that traffic
  9. If a user opens an LP position on your dApp, offer them gasless transactions for the next 5 actions
  10. If your DEX is on another L2 or your app chain, make the deposit from L1 or other L2s gasless if the amount is more than 2500$


In conclusion, Biconomy’s Paymaster Rules & Limits is a game-changer for dApps, offering a strategic way to incentivize the right users and behaviors. By sponsoring gas for specific users and on-chain actions, dApps can increase customer acquisition, retention, engagement, and lifetime value. With options to customize sponsorship conditions, set spending limits, and create webhooks for on-chain and off-chain triggers, Paymaster Rules & Limits provides a flexible and powerful tool for dApps to optimize their ROI on gas sponsorship. Whether you’re a web3 game developer or a DeFi DEX, Paymaster Rules & Limits can help you turn gas sponsorship into a valuable investment. Start leveraging this feature today and see the difference it can make for your dApp!

Start sponsoring gas more strategically now! Create Paymaster rules from the Biconomy Dashboard.

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