Smart Account Modularity Evolving Wallet Layer into UX Platform

May 25, 2024
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Smart Account Modularity Evolving Wallet Layer into UX Platform

In the last few months we have seen account abstraction really gain adoption. More and more builders are seeing the promise of smart accounts and their easy programmability. Smart Accounts Platform takes this to the next level by evolving smart accounts into complete UX platforms - where devs can endlessly add any UX capability by easily plugging-in programmable modules to design the perfect smart account experience for every user!

Advent of Smart Accounts

We are seeing an evolution in user’s on-chain accounts & how they interface with dApps. The old ways have been EOAs or Externally Owned Accounts. EOAs are very rigid in what they do and how to use them. They have specific limited functionalities and almost impossible to easily add new capabilities. For example, they are secured via a seed phrase. Which is a complicated process, everybody hates it, yet it can’t be easily changed.

To offer a better experience, the Ethereum community, including Vitalik, have been promoting Smart Contract Wallets for some time. But the adoption & awareness has really gone up since the last 6-8 months thanks to account abstraction. Smart Accounts introduce new capabilities. They can be customised to behave according to ‘smart contract logic’ that can be programmed.

Read why Smart Accounts are better than EOAs.

The case for Smart Accounts Platform

While it is possible for devs to program new functionalities, it takes time and effort. They need to programme different capabilities from scratch. Typically, most devs building for a similar audience, say DeFi apps, will have similar requirements. But each one will need to build these functionalities independently. These will also have security issues not be gas optimised.

Now imagine if there were tons of pre-built & programmed functionalities that could just be plugged in! Devs could easily choose which capabilities they want to extend on their smart account, and enable them securely & easily. That’s where the Smart Accounts platform comes in!

Smart Account + Modules = Customised UX

What is the Smart Accounts Platform?

The Smart Account Platform empowers developers to deploy perfectly designed smart accounts for their users. They can do this by easily plugging-in programmable modules. There are tons of modules, unlocking an endless & ever-growing range of UX capabilities.

By being a platform, devs can add UX capabilities to their smart account implementation like adding apps to their smartphone. They deploy a lite smart account contract, & then enable certain modules to customise the smart account implementation. It’s plug & play for the devs to enable these capabilities.

Another feature why it’s a platform is anyone can build these modules! The platform provides the framework for a thriving builder community to continuously build new modules to unlock new functionalities. This way we will have an ever-growing repo of innovative and powerful modules.

Smart Accounts & modules evolve web3 wallet layer into the UX platform

Current wallet solutions, including smart accounts as a service offerings, are pretty limited in what they enable. They have limited functionalities. And difficult & resource intensive to customise & programme beyond a certain point. That's what we are used to - the wallet layer.

Now with Smart Accounts Platform, instead of a one-size-fit-all wallet or accounts experience, devs can now customise their smart account implementation to enable the perfect UX for every user & every use case! As the platform matures, we will have tons of powerful modules built by other developers and builders. So over time, designing the perfect experience will get even easier! And the possibilities of what all UX funcationalities that can be added will keep growing as well. Thus, we will evolve the smart accounts into a complete platform.

Benefits of Smart Accounts Platform

  • Create dApp-specific & usecase-specific Smart Accounts
  • Save on time & efforts to enable Smart Account & UX functionalities to truly leverage account abstraction
  • Easily add category specific modules. For example, you can chose from tons of DeFi targeted modules to easily plug-in those pre-built funcationalities.

What the Biconomy Smart Account Platform offers

The Biconomy Smart Accounts Platform has 3 main components that facilitate this vision of becoming THE UX platform:

1. Smart Account implementation with modular architecture

Essentially the Smart Account platform empowers devs to deploy highly customised Smart Accounts for their users. The customization is possible thanks to modularity.

The modular architecture is the pièce de résistance of the platform. By being modular, devs easily & securely extend specific Smart Account functionality by enabling certain modules. This allows them to endlessly add certain UX capabilities, easily tweak it for their requirement, & enable a customised experience for any user and any use case.

Read more on how our modular architecture works.

2. Tons of modules (& a framework to add more in the future)

We currently have powerful modules that can easily be plugged in. These include passkeys for biometric login, session keys for reducing annoying pop-ups & multi-chain validation module for improving cross-chain UX.

Check out our current modules.

But the best part is that the platform offers a framework where builders are incentivised to imagine & build new modules! Every web3 complexity, every use case, and every user flow will be simplified into these pluggable modules.

This will unlock use cases we can't even imagine right now!

3. Improved Client SDK to access Smart Account Platform

Finally, our improved AA SDK offers a simple & secure way to leverage the Smart Accounts Platform, deploy powerful Smart Accounts, plug & play a ton of modules & enable a seamless experience.


The Biconomy Smart Accounts Platform is a true game changer. It helps take the idea of programmability of smart accounts, and supercharges it to the next level. By making Smart Accounts modular & enabling easy to plug-in modules, we are evolving the one-size-fit-all wallet layer into highly customisable UX platform.

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