Solve complex UX challenges with customisable SDK modules in minutes

Easy Web2 like onboarding

Easy logins

Easy logins with web2 social or web3 EOA

Experiment with web3 and be easily accessible to all web2 users

Smart Wallet

ERC-4337 compatible smart contract wallets

Behind the scenes, leverage ERC-4337 compatible smart contract wallets.

Fiat Onramps

FIAT on-ramps & check outs

Simply deploy web2 type smart accounts for your users with social logins, fiat on-ramp, one click interactions & easy recovery.

Gasless Transactions

Our OG product. Perfected for over 2.5 years, we have helped 200+ apps and brands process  almost 25 million gasless meta-transactions for 2.8 million unique web3 users.

Sponsor gas for all your users, or conditionally for your most loyal users. Or let them pay gas in any token. No more worrying about gas on your dApp

Offer a Chainless Experience

Make your application chain agnostic in minutes. Plug our chainless modules to leverage cross-chain messaging effortlessly. No complicated dev efforts required. We aggregate the leading protocols such as Wormhole, Axelar and more to save development time.

Just add a few lines of code and your users will never have to worry about chains & bridges.

Feature Ticks

Aggregate general message passing protocols with single integration

Feature Ticks

Minimal changes on destination contracts

Feature Ticks

10X faster development to become multi-chain

Batch transactions into one click bundles

Seamlessly batch multiple transactions into a one click experience. Batch transactions on a single chain or across multiple chains, so steps are abstracted away from the user.Users just sign the whole batch once and our relayers manage all transactions on their behalf.

Coming Soon

Remove unnecessary steps with session keys

Signing repeatedly for every single interaction on your dApp or game annoys users.

With session keys, you can create and customise a session for a set period of usage, interaction or gameplay. Your user just signs once during the session whilst maintaining simplicity and security.

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